Buenos Aires…… wot no vegetables!

Buenos Aires the birth place of tango is referred to as the Paris of South America and it certainly delivers on that on many fronts. The streets, the architecture and the atmosphere are so like a turn of the century European city.

The city had its Belle Epoque many years ago and is now picking itself up with a mix Brutalist and Corbusier influenced architecture. It was a delight to walk around in but also very difficult due to constantly having to look down and watch out for pot holes and dog mess.

We’ve spent a total of 5 weeks here living in a delightful apartment decorated in Art Deco style in Palermo Viejo.

The city is definitely worth visiting several times. There is so much to see and do with many of the activities and venues being free.


Below are photos of Buenos Aires.

Below are photos of Tigre.







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