La Paz….. Not Much Peace (and Quiet)

La Paz was an onslaught in noise, people and altitude. It is one of the highest cities in the world, situated around 3,650m (12,000 ft) above sea level. The thin air and the lack of oxygen definitely makes it much harder to breathe. To acclimatize you have to take things slow and pace yourself as you wonder in the city.

La Paz is unique in it’s own mark. We have seen more Indigenous people in La Paz than in Peru. The¬†Indigenous people are usually dressed in their native glory, the bollar hats, the big frilly skirts and the shawl. The streets vendors are mainly natives. Shops are everywhere selling anything from traditional clothes, fruits/vegetables, toilets, kitchen sinks and more.¬† It is very in your face if you are not use to crowd. There are streets that are just dedicated for selling screws, padlocks and light bulbs.

After wondering through these busy streets of La Paz (some are cobble streets) if you feel hungry then, there are food vendors on the street side at your disposal to slap up a meal for you in no time. From fried chicken to a bowl of sopa (soup to you and me). Soup is very popular amoung the locals and is one of their daily dietary requirements.

The sites we visited are the Moon Valley, the ruins of Tiahuancu and the Lake Titicaca from the Bolivia side.

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