Paracas Here We Come!

We’ve started! Finally left Lima and on our way to Paracas. We were picked up by taxi by PeruHop and transferred to our coach out of Lima.

The early morning start was dreary. Our first stop being 20 mins outside of Lima to visit “Christ of the Pacific” (supposedly a copy of “Christ the Redeemer”) and a monument to the Pacific War between Chile and Peru.

After our quick stop and history lecture we were off again to Paracas. Stopping en-route, after an hour, to buy hot freshly baked bread from traditional ovens in the local equivalent of a service station. The bread beats the soggy sandwiches that are available in UK service stations.

On arrival in Paracas we rushed through a hearty lunch of ceviche and lomo saltado as we wanted to go quad biking through the stunning Paracas Nature Reserve.

Did I mention stunning? As I’m a fan of deserts, it was absolutely stunning!!!

The next day we had a nice view of the port from our overpriced basic hotel. After breakfast it was straight to the port and onto a speed boat for an hour long journey to Islas Ballestas. En-route we went past the Candelabra. There are legends about it being a sign post for sailors but the real history of which has long been forgotten.

Once at Islas Ballestas you are hit by the sounds of sea lions and the various birds. Peru used to be biggest exporter of guana (natural fertiliser) but lost the export market when they started charging too much for it. This drove other countries to develop chemical fertilisers.

If you ever visit Paracas, it is apparently the best place to learn to kite-surf. I’m definitely going to do that on my next trip to Paracas.



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