Sucre and its special Zebras

Sucre! For your note, there are two capitals of Bolivia, one is La Paz and the other is Sucre. Sucre is the first and constitutional capital (holds the judicial power) and La Paz is the administrative, political capital.  Sucre is situated about 2,810 meters (9,214 ft) above see level. Even though it’s elevation is not as high as La Paz, it was still a struggle to breathe and took us few days to readjust. Sucre is a small city with many plazas. The pace of life is slower and felt more relaxed after La Paz.

We found many old historic buildings and churches dotted around the city as we wondered.  We went to see the Sucre’s Dinosaur Footprints. You must be thinking Dinosaur Footprints? – yes, it is one of the largest Dinosaur footprints site found. The footprints are set into the Cal Orck’o cliff sitting on the grounds of a local cement company.

“Zebra crossing” – we all know what zebra crossing means as a road user. Believe it or not, for the people of Sucre this is a new concept. The fun was to see dedicated people walking/dancing around in zebra one-sies encouraging people to use the zebra crossing. It was one of Vin’s favourite things and he caught them in action. 🙂





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