Nazca and vomit

From Huacachina we had to take an early bus to Nazca, in order to go and see the Nazca lines. On arrival at the bus terminal our selected airline seemed to be confused and took another hour before they collected us.

On arrival at the airport things seem to get worse. Our flight was delayed because they apparently needed to fill the plane before they could take off….. but we suspected that they just wanted a lunch break.

Eventually we boarded and were warned that the flight could be very turbulent and provided with the necessary equipment to deal with motion sickness. Can you guess who needed to make use of the specialised motion sickness capture equipment?

Once in the air, the view was amazing. The lines streched for miles and miles, making you wonder how the Nazca people managed to etch this out of the ground and so perfectly.

When you do get to the various glyphs, again you are left dumbfounded as to how anyone could have visualised and drawn this from the ground when the only possible way of drawing accurately is from the air.

We could not photograph them easily due to the turbulence but can you spot the whale in the photo we did manage to capture?


(We have a video of the flight and will upload as soon as possible.)



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